2000mg CBD per 1 oz bottle makes our oil one of the best values available

About our Extract

Nature’s Bloom offers full spectrum, high potency CBD products made exclusively from Colorado grown hemp. Our high strength hemp oil is naturally low in thc (less than .3%) and has been extracted from the hemp plant using co2 to ensure the purest possible products with no residual harmful solvents.

Not only does it work great for hand pain... But, did you realize that CBD is great for skin cell regeneration?


4 Delicious Flavors To Choose From


Blood Orange
Tropical Mango
Chocolate Mint

Watch out for STINKERS!

Unfortunately there are many posers, crooks and clever marketeers selling watered down inferior products to uneducated consumers. Arm yourself with the facts of simple math and get your Nature's Bloom on!

Don't be fooled by the pricing game!

Here is all the math you need to know: Price divided by milligrams of CBD equals cost per milligram. So, that $69.00 1 ounce bottle that contains 350mg CBD that looks like such a deal… TOTAL RIPOFF!

Let’s do the math: $69.00 divided by 350mg CBD equals .19 cents per mg with a recommended dose of A HALF DROPPER FULL or more!

The Nature’s Bloom Math: $149.99 divided by 2000mg CBD equals .075 cents per mg of CBD with a recommended dose of a couple of drops!

In this example the cost of our competitors product to get the same amount beneficial CBD would be a whopping $380.00 vs. Nature’s Bloom at $149.99

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