Q:  Is Natures Bloom CBD oil legal in my state?

A:  Yes!  Our oils are extracted exclusively from HEMP, which is FEDERALLY LEGAL under the 2014 Farm Bill.  https://www.congress.gov/113/bills/hr525/BILLS-113hr525ih.xml

Q:  Will I “get high” or feel inebriated by consuming this oil?

A:  No!  Natures Bloom oil is extracted from HEMP and contains only trace amounts of THC (less than .3%). THC is the cannabinoid that produces the psychoactive “high” that is associated Marijuana. Because we harvest our hemp plants before the THC levels reach .3%, there is no “high, just the healthy benefits of CBD.

Q:  How do you take CBD oil?

A:  CBD oil can be used in many beneficial ways. Perhaps the most popular method is sublingually, which means situated or applied under the tongue for around 60 seconds and then swallowed without additional liquid.  Some folks like to take with a spoonful of honey to soften any “plant” flavor.

Q: Nature’s Bloom Full spectrum oil, vs. an isolate product?

A:  Nature’s Bloom oil is processed using co2 extraction to gather the active cannabinoids, beneficial terpenes and flavonoids present when the hemp is harvested.  An “isolate” product has taken the hemp and highly refined it, to leave nothing but the CBD in crystal form.  We feel that full spectrum offers a more wholesome approach.

Q: Do you offer returns?

A: Yes, we do. Click here to view our return policy.



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